Wild Raspberry

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Newburgh Mill

I reside close to the "Gateway" to the Thousand Islands, Gananoque, ON. Canada.
I am a relative newcomer to photography.
In November 1998 I joined the Napanee Photo Club and got interested in photography at a level that I had never attempted before. My main interest now is in macro and close up photography of flowers, insects and other found items. I also enjoyed using HIE infra red film to capture landscapes and architecture however unfortunately Kodak no longer makes this film. I now use only digital.
As a person who has lived in the country all my life, and having spent over 54 years living on a farm
and farming, I now look at everything in a totally different light. Things that I just took for granted, now become objects for me to capture on film.
I have switched from film to a Sony A77 DSLR using my previous inventory of Minolta lenses. I also use a small Canon point and shoot digital camera.



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